Maelstrom Of Monsters


Current wait time is 5 minutes for a book to be generated


Current wait time is 5 minutes for a book to be generated

Each book is made on the spot and needs a couple of minutes to be completed. The wait time is there to let you know how many books are being processed. Once it is generated it will show up on your accounts dashboard for you to download.

Inside of the Maelstrom Of Monsters will be 285 different monsters! Each time you buy a Maelstrom of Monsters there will be a new set of monsters. Currently, the Maelstrom Of Monsters will be discounted while I finish and add extra content to the books.

The great part about the Maelstrom Of Monsters is each monster is generated procedurally, making it almost impossible to have someone at the table metagaming. It also allows for a fresh experience, almost like fighting iconic monsters for the first time all over again!

Each monster has a name, alignment, couple of descriptions, a stat block, and their abilities, with these you can formulate an idea of what the monster will act like during a session.

Each book has 15 different monster types and 19 of each monster spread across 26 challenge ratings. A table of contents that is linked to each monster in the book and random challenge tables at the back of the book. All of this is generated in each book today!

Eventually, I plan on adding extra content that brings the monsters together, as well as making the monsters to fit their mold. I also want to include art for the sections and possibly for the monsters eventually.

During this time any generated book will have its data changed a couple of times, and I will let you know during major patches if the data has been changed. The plus side is this will let you get more books for your money, but you will not be able to generate old books after major data changes.


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