Procedural generation and building on top of it – Inns and Shops

Why Are Inns and shops are important

Inns and shops start half of the adventures new players delve into. Most are just basic taverns but can turn into insane areas like the World Serpent Inn, or shops that have extra-dimensional spaces. Either way, they add to the wonder and intrigue of the story, the master of the establishment can also add extra flavor and hooks that keep your campaign moving. They can be leaders of factions or have a personality that goes on for days, they give substance to your story and give the ability to extend your campaigns to epic levels. let us look at the factors for procedural generation for Inns and Shops…

What are the factors of Inns and shops

So what goes into an making Inns or shops? well, we have to think about what types of rooms you might find in each, what rooms would be in an Inn? A kitchen for a well-established cook, possibly it has a natural hot spring that attracts plenty of exotic customers. How about a shop? It could have a special section for clients that are customers that return frequently, possibly it could involve a back room with goods that some might find insulting or illegal. Maybe it might just have a commons area that the owner uses while they wait for potential customers. these are just a couple of things I would like to add to the Beastlands generator for inns and shops.

Chimera shop
Chimera Figurine

Procedural generation and Inns and shops

For procedural generation for these creations would involve making templates. These templates would include rooms that are always included in both establishments. Inns would always have bedrooms, a common room, bathrooms in each bedroom and common room, and usually a storeroom. A shop would include the basic shop area, an area where they keep track of sales and customers. Any of the other rooms you can think of would be extra but could be included in any building. Roll for the number of rooms, with a list of rooms then these buildings could be generated by dice. Including these ideas inside of Beastlands procedural generation is going to be a challenge, but awesome when complete.

signs on the inn
Signs on the inn

Closing thoughts and future Beastlands generation topics

Adding more variation and grouping them together to make templates for more random buildings and types. This option helps coming up with smaller details on the fly, letting you focus on your main story. Giving your players a proverbial playground to play in is the most rewarding part. Also, if you have not had a chance take a look at my last post about procedural generation and monsters.