Adventure Seeker Contest

Adventure Seeker Monster Descriptions Contest

So, I wanted to do something really awesome with the community when I hit 2000 followers, I know it is a bit early, but I figured we could do something fun. that is why, a writing contest that will be judged by myself and @MagicAndStitch on twitter, the winner would receive one of her amazing bags the “Adventure Seeker”, a Beastlands t-shirt and a set of green glitter dice. Each of these descriptions also would have a chance to be used within my random generator and you would be credited for helping create awesome content! On top of having a chance to walk away with some swag.

What I am looking for inside of the contest a descriptive title, a small paragraph that stands on its own. Optionally you can select monster types and alignments for your description to be associated with. Each person can enter up to twice, anyone who enters more than twice will be disqualified. You should also make the description semi-agnostic. Agnostic in the sense that it is not tied to one specific creature and can just be used as multiple creatures descriptions. Here is an example of what I am looking for:

Contest Examples

Famine bringer: [monster-name] is known to consume natural resources around it, taking any natural resource and consuming it. When they are in the area it provides a hardship to the ecosystem until they move on or the area becomes a wasteland. Usually, in large packs, these creatures move from location to location to sustain their needs.
Strategic: [monster-name] is considered to have a great mind for strategy. Between well-placed traps, weapons with utility and masterful combat strategies. They are a force to be reckoned with. Receive an advantage on making traps with trap-making tools.
Crabs Endurance: Enduring things is [monster-name] specialty, most poisons and disease have less of an effect on them. They gain advantage on saving throws for constitution checks.

You may even use wildcards that my generator uses for each of these descriptions. Wildcards are the words surrounded by brackets like [monster-name]. [monster-name] lets me replace the name with the monsters real name once it is made by my generator. Other wildcards include: [units](monster type), [bands](faction name), [relic](artifact), [essence](monsters element or lifeforce), [save](any saves that might be included with the description), [item](mundane or cheap item), [region](biome or landmark).

Terms of Use

Anything that is made during this contest may be used or modified for my generator, I will be crediting anyone that contributes based on the information that is collected, so if you want to be credited make sure to fill out the full forum. I may take a description that is made during this contest and spruce it up, add extra content or reword everything entirely. The descriptions will be judged solely on the idea and the creativity of the description.

Contest Rules

To enter this contest there is a form below. The title should be an adjective or up to three-word phrase. You must come up with the best 500 character description for monsters. You may come up with a monster type or alignment these descriptions could be apart of. The other information I am collecting is so I can contact the winner after the contest is over.

The best descriptions will also be used within my generator and you will be credited inside of the product it generates.

In order to be eligible for this contest you need to make sure you are following me and MagicandStitch on twitter. Also retweeting the pinned contest on our twitter pages, you also have to be inside of Canada or mainland United States

Time Limit

The last day to enter will be November 12th, at 10 pm CST. That is when I’ll be turning off of the forum, and MagicandStitch and I will have to vote on our favorites and agree on a clear-cut winner!

Adventure Bag with clip on side
Adventure Seeker Bag with clip on side
Green Glitter Dice
Green Glitter Dice