Monster Beastlands 15 Single Monster Books

So, I have been hard at work trying to make another product for my monster book. I was able to publish them on Drive-Thru RPG. My thought process on this was that I could still bring people the monsters I make while exposing it to more people.

So far so good, Beastlands Maelstrom of Monster Types has been doing pretty good as well as having another method of getting the name out into the public. Each book is formatted the same way as my Dynamic book, except the catch is each book has 285 monsters of a single monster type. 

You can check out the books here for $5: Drive-Thru 

What makes these monster books different?

Each book is static, meaning each one has 285 of the same monster, but there are 15 books with a grand total of 4275 monsters. Great for breaking the meta-knowledge since they are not the cannon monsters from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

I was also able to come up with 15 covers for the books that try to fit the theme of each monster type. One great thing about having 285 monsters of one type in a book is it is easier to have a themed campaign filled with a specific monster type. So you can run a campaign filled with fey foe. Or a campaign filled with corrupted angels. You can cherry-pick some of the monsters out of a book to make a Warband of creatures to fit a theme.

Check out the monsters over on Drive-Thru RPG. You can also get a bundled package for $26.25 for the 4275 monsters: Bundle.

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