Beastlands Maelstrom Of Monsters

After reflecting on my Kickstarter and figuring out the next move, I decided to finish the part that allows me to sell The Maelstrom Of Monsters! As I continue forward, I will be adding more stuff to the generator. Artwork, more descriptions, more abilities and a better semblance of monster identity.

While I am working on these my book will be provided at a 50% discount, on top of letting everyone get free updates until the book is complete. Meaning the book you buy today would change throughout development, giving you a couple of free books if you horde them up.

During each major update, I’ll make sure to give you fair warning before making the changes live. The money that I make from this will be going back into the generator in one form or another.

Scary Huge Spider
Nhagruul’s Bane by karichristensen

What comes with the book?

Currently, each book is generated with 285 monsters from 15 different monster types across 26 different challenge ratings. So each Maelstrom of Monsters should have a good selection of monsters for many situations.

I might make it so people can select what monster types each book have in it. Also, there will be a point where monsters will be grouped together to make a Warband, which at this moment is around 50% complete. Artwork for each section will be featured.

How to use the Maelstrom Of Monsters

A great way to use these monsters is by taking each part of the monsters and analyzing it for a second. After looking at the alignment, monster type, descriptions, and abilities you start to get an idea of what the monster might look like.

Because of the nature of the monsters as I tune them, some abilities might be a bit strong or a bit weak. Use your judgment when using these monsters. But for the most part, the monsters are good to go out of the book.

Another great tool is Scrolller, if you know of good subreddits with images, it makes the subreddit a gallery of all the images used on the subreddit. Some of my favorites are:

There are many more, but these are a few that are great for inspiration after I have picked a monster I want to use. The best part is you can click on the image that goes to the Reddit post, and they usually always have the source that links you to the artist.

Final Thoughts

I think these books are great because they make it really hard to meta game, but keeps it interesting with different options that will keep your players on their toes. It also provides a pallet of descriptions that can help you formulate a idea of what the creature might look like.

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