Beastlands Generator Kickstarter March 5th

Why Beastlands on Kickstarter?

Beastlands is a unique project that has limited funding at the moment. It is being manned by one person to market, develop, design, provide art, write, edit and manage. With Kickstarter funding, I would be able to hire an artist to bring beautiful illustrations to this generator. If even more successful I would be able to hire an editor to help write and maintain the technical writing involved in abilities as well as helping make new abilities and descriptions. This would allow me to focus more on designing and programming more parts of the project to deliver an extremely awesome product that could have a great impact on tabletop roleplaying games. This would be just a start as well. a summary would be:

  • Artist to provide pieces for inspiration for the monsters
  • Editor would help provide technical writing skills.
  • Free up my time to do fulltime programming and design for Beastlands and future products.
  • Would provide an even greater version of an already great project
  • Make tools to make abilities and monster’s parts easier to add
  • legal verbiage and business fees

To add to that last point, the ability for Beastlands to scale is very easy! I would be able to make a tool that lets me add the data easier to the database that would make extending Beastlands easier and have more and more options as time goes on. This is why Kickstarter would be a great opportunity for the project as well as the people involved in it. Each person has a spot in a credits section that will be generated for every book! I also already have merchandise covered, and I will be making two special shirts specifically for Beastlands on Kickstarter.

Beastlands on kickstarter
Beastlands on Kickstarter

What else would the funding from Kickstarter provide?

The funding will also provide extra time to make the generator balanced and fluid. I will make the monsters built from more templates, Currently, they are all getting built from a similar template. With a little tweaking, I will make it so each monster type would have its own template, then I would be able to expand into monster subtypes and add even more templates. Making these random monsters less completely random, but more sensible and deep. But, considering what I will be able to do, I will be able to add more and more complexity to both monster types and subtypes that even they will have countless iterations. Funding from Kickstarter would go a long way of taking this to the next level!

I have plans to add to the books that will give great lasting encounters for years to come. One will come with Warbands and the other will be a secondary book that introduces crafting and magical items based on the monsters that are generated. this would be implemented at a much later date. The warbands would be released with the book which includes how a group of these generated monsters might work together. As well as giving each monster a role inside of their ranks. Not every band of monsters will be evil.  It will provide more factions and a spot for important NPC characters to have a goal that they are working towards that is either against the player’s ideals or runs parallel with what they would like to accomplish.

What the book provides currently

The book Has a table of contents sorted by monster type, monsters sorted by monster type then challenge rating. Encounter tables that let you decide what your players might be encountering based off of challenge, region or Warband.

Currently, the book provides two paragraphs to give you a feel of what the individual monsters might be about, a stat block that gives basic statistics, skills and immunities, as well as a variety of abilities that makes each monster feel unique and interesting. I also added some stuff to make it unique listed in the key on the image below.

Sample monster detailing extra design pieces to each monster

The book also tries to give a good distribution of types and challenge rating with various encounter tables that will include: CR challenge table, region challenge table, Warband challenge table. Giving you various ways to use this book other than just looking for monsters. The creatures involved in warbands will also have an icon eventually letting you know they are apart of a or multiple warbands. Both the smaller book and the larger book will have these nice extras.

Challenges with Kickstarter and Beastlands

I did mention I am one person, which has been a hurdle with development time and juggling all the other hats involved with tackling such a project. Confident that I can take this challenge. being a part of large projects and always had to manage my time while juggling positions. Had to face clients and made impressive websites under tight deadlines. I have been a part of print media and learned what it takes to get a newspaper out on time and was an integral part of making sure we never missed a day. learned many complicated systems and thrive in them. There is already most of a product to show for Beastlands, I want to make it look great and add extra pieces to bring Beastlands to the next level!

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate everyone who has been following this project. It is a great project to get propelled to the next level.

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